Monday, September 28, 2009

after my grandmother died, my mother, aunt, adrian and i headed down to the beach house for some time of rest and reflection.  it was so nice to spend the time together and remember my beautiful grandma billie.  my mom and her sister had such a great time with adrian.  it's amazing what only a couple of days can do...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

library visit

i took adrian to the library for the first time the other day.  he was so excited to see so many books.  he absolutely loves books.  they had paper on the tables so he could draw on them and tiny chairs for him to sit and read in.  lots of cute ikea furniture to play on.  i rented the velveteen rabbit dvd for home.  it is not a movie, rather stills from the book and someone reading it.  oh, how my mother loved to read me that book when we were kids.  there were so many books i look forward to reading to him... james and the giant peach and the narnia books.  but some new ones that are so colorful and intelligently written, like a poetry book about harriet tubman that was just so beautifully illustrated by jacob lawrence.  oh, it is so exciting the world of books just waiting for him to discover!