Thursday, August 28, 2008

new skills

learning anything is hard.  you have never done it before.  it is a painful process that is hard to watch others go through as well.  my son is so on the verge of crawling.  he was rocking this morning on his knees.  i am hoping any day now, he will be mobile.  i have not run out and bought any babylegs, just in case i have the baby that skips the crawling stage and goes straight to running.  sheer joy...and terror.  

Sunday, August 24, 2008

happy baby

katie's shower for baby was this afternoon.  so sweet to see baby things in the presence of other women.  this is truly a female event, as the awwing is too much.  brought adrian and he was a dream.  he is such a content child.  happy to play wherever.  even when we took him into the rainstorm last night to my friend becca's surprise 30th birthday party, he did not whine.  he stayed up way too late and had such a grand time on the laps of the partygoers.  such a trooper.  glad he is so well adjusted to whatever life puts in front of him.  i should learn so much from him.  

Monday, August 18, 2008

the wedding

lee and amanda got hitched this weekend!  man, I am so happy for those sweet folks.  i wish the best for them, i really do.  patrick finished stitching the guest book right after the ceremony finished.  he really likes to cut it close.  adrian was an angel through the whole thing.  ashley held him most of the time.  she would make a great ma!  anyhoo, beautiful ceremony in the garden and emotional too.  darn lee's brother makin' everyone cry....  happy life to us all! amen.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

walk in the park

we took a really long walk today.  maybe wasn't such a good idea, because of the heat.  but we had a good time strolling to the park from our house.  there is a shortcut called bulldog bridge!  a secret walking trail we just discovered.  we took the pigdog, and she had to get in the river once we got to the park.  adrian was flushed, even though he had a full sippy cup.  we got ice cream before we headed back - and ice water!  what a nice long day.  

Saturday, August 16, 2008

baby eye

i thought i would address what baby eye means.  its origin comes from a conversation that my husband patrick and i had a couple of years ago.  we always wanted to have a gallery.  we were living in atlanta at the time.  we found a place that would be perfect, but we never rented it.  in the end, we did not end up staying in atlanta for longer than 2 months.  we never found jobs - fresh out of art school.  it was hard and we argued a lot.  but we always wanted a gallery called baby eye.  its colors would be pink and green.  i had the logo and everything.  just never came t fruition.  maybe one day...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


when i awoke this morning to no baby in the crib and no husband in the bed, i hunted them down.  these boys were sleeping in the nursery on the futon this morning.  so sweet.  i had time to myself to get ready and chill.
i read something recently from wherever you go there you are by jon kabat-zinn.  it said, "look at each baby as a little Buddha or Zen master, your own private mindfulness teacher, parachuted into your life,whose presence and actions were guaranteed to push every button and challenge every belief and limit you had, giving you continual opportunities to see where you were attached to something and to let go of it".  
god, i really get that!  if everyone could experience this!  what a life i have now.  not sure what i did before adrian came into existence.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

apron rebirth

i need to feel inspired.  i am lacking something these days.  well, lots of things...more importantly time, but also energy and quiet.  i don't make stuff anymore, i realize.  i haven't entered a show in a year!  i thrifted some material this weekend to sew on.  need some new aprons.  and recycled fabric is perfect.    

Monday, August 11, 2008

all night diner

yeah, he was at it again.  up last night, treating me like an all night diner.  not sure what his deal was- just did not want to sleep.  got mad at patrick because he chatted with him as soon as i put him in the bed with us.  he does not understand that we musn't talk to him.  he will not go back to sleep if we chat.  i felt bad after he left the house at 4 am!  these times are hard.  maybe time for the bebe to move into his own room.  patrick thought it might be a year.  i don't know if i can go that long.  so tired...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

long weekend

baby and mamma and dada had such a nice long weekend.  sleeping in together, eating together at the local mexican restaurant, shopping together.  i miss my family sometimes since i work a lot.  it is nice to just "nest".  the weather has been cooler the last few days.  really enjoyable to wake up in the early morning and have a tiny chill.  yesterday we saw a deer on the way home - during the day!  just running alongside the county road.  such a sweet reminder that we are in the wild.  nice to come home from the urban to the country.  the pool is almost ready.  such a late start this year.  maybe a few more days of summer will allow for us. 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

birthday celebrations

we just celebrated patrick's 34th birthday. he's so old.  anyway, spent last night at my family's house eating traditional birthday dinner fare - lasagna and cake.  adrian fussed about my putting a birthday hat on his head.  he is teething again and in the evening he has just had it.  i really wanted a photo - and finally got one.  not very good.  just before the meltdown.  funny how things can be fine one minute and completely fall apart the next.  parenthood is unpredictable.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

something's fishy

baby deer legs are back tonight.  pig probably fished them out of the woods.  concerned about the maggot infestation and her partaking.  she goes to the vet in the a.m. anyways.  she is 13 and living on borrowed time as it is.  
adrian spent most of the day in the pool.  he loves the water very much.  i would love it if he learned to swim at such a young age.  i think he is part fish.  his excitement is contagious.   

Monday, August 4, 2008

baby legs

when i came home tonight i found baby deer legs in the front yard.  only the legs...  pigdog was close by.  i think she may have had a chew or two.  it reminded me of the first night we were in this house as proud new homeowners and she killed a rabbit out in the back by the pool.  i got a really upset with her and made patrick throw it away so she would quit gnawing away at a carcass in our nice new suburban dwelling.  only it was monday night and trash did not pick up till the following monday morning.  it rotted in our garbage can for a week in the july heat.  our first garbage pick up and they think we are strange animal killers, i thought.  this time, i had patrick don rubber gloves and trow it out into the back field.  it was already full of maggots.  
adrian has recently started biting.  6 1/2 months old and already sinning against his mama.  the biggest smile you've ever seen on a kid crosses his face when I yelp in a pained reaction.  i know he is cutting teeth, but jeez.  maybe i should just try a bite on his baby legs.  it seems to work for pigdog.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

green and hot

it is green and hot outside.  a thunder shower is in the distance, and the air is thick.  my baby is napping - covered in bug bites.  poor thing.  my sweetie also sleeps the heat of the day away.  only i am left to my own devices.  write!