Friday, October 29, 2010

autumn at the gulf coast

my mother and i took a long weekend trip to the coast last weekend. it was the first
time i had been back since the oil spill had come ashore in june. my beautiful gulf coast looked exactly the way it did when i left. the waves were intense, but the skies were sparkly and calm. i can breathe so much better at the beach.

my mother and i talked about how women seem drawn to the shores of the sea. i think it's because they see something familiar in the rituals of the tides. it reminds them of themselves.

and we became heroes! we saved a baby sea turtle from a sure death in the clutches of a seagull. because of the recent full moon, i felt sure this turtle was a new hatchling making it's way to the sea and was interrupted by a pecking gull.
we set it back into the water and watched it tumble,
wave after wave. finally, it gained control of it's tiny legs and started to swim out to sea. i'd like to think it made it. but there is the oil to contend with out there...

chicken tacos for supper one night in the tradition of El Agave, one of my favorite restaurants. lots of cilantro, onion, and fresh
lime make these out of this world!

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